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Kyoshi Michael Ireland hosts the TE ASHI KAI SHIN National belt Challenge Tournament each year. The tournament has grown since the inaugural event sixteen years ago.

The TAKS National Belt challenge attracts competitors and spectators from every state and has been a major event on many club calendars. In addition to this, Te Ashi Kai Shin also supports other styles and their respective tournament systems and can be seen at many tournaments, at Regional, State, National and also in International arenas.

Our students have competed extensively throughout the world in countries such as U.S.A., South East Asia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Cook Isalnds, Sardinia...to name a few.

The standard of our students during competiton, whether locally or on the International stage has brought much praise and respect from other instructors, students and spectators alike.

"We believe that the quality of the student is a true reflection of the quality of the teacher"


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