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TE ASHI KAI SHIN Australasian Karate was founded in 1989 by Kyoshi Michael Ireland. Our style is based on the Shotokan system. We maintain a very close association with the International Karate Association Inc. (I.K.A.) through Grand Master Kancho Te Rupe.

We maintain Shotokan principles and technique with a strong emphasis on the old world values of this system, encompassing discipline, mutual respect, traditional training methods and utilise the Japanese language in delivering our classes. We train in traditional weaponry and learn where and why they originated and how they developed over the decades.

Quality Teachers develop quality students...
Instructors are carefully selected as they show promise at an early stage of their training. Only the finest students will become Instructors. This will ensure the integrity of the Clubs tradition and in turn the calibre of the students graded through our style. We take great pride in producing quality Karateka

Not all about the sport...
Although our students regularly compete at Tournaments in Kata and also Kumite we use these as an opportunity to fine tune our technique as well as a chance to put our training and technique into practice. We do not focus on the Sport Karate aspect solely. A priority of our training is to prepare oneself mentally and physically not only for self defense but also for life itself.

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